Saudi Arabia

OMS Oilfield Services Saudi Arabia Ltd (OMSA) is the largest subsidiary of the OMS Group engaging in full-spectrum manufacturing of large diameter casing connectors and conductors primarily to the local oil and gas industry. Since our inception, the plant manufactured and successfully delivered more than 1.5 million feet of high-quality workmanship conductor pipes all with JV-LW connectors.

OMSA was first officially established in May 2008, at Omar bin Khattab Road, Abqaiq, Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a total land area of 34,400 sq m. While at this facility, OMSA expanded its production capacity to meet the annual manufacturing output of more than 2 million feet of high-quality workmanship of large diameter pipes and conductors. This ambitious development program demonstrated OMSA’s commitment to regional manufacturing in the Middle East to meet client expectations.

OMS continues to grow and diversify its business by seeking to provide products and services to other oilfield equipment manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to oil companies in the Middle East region. In December 2021, after successfully completing the construction of its new facility, OMSA relocated to Dammam Industrial Area 3, with a total land area of 86,400 sq m. 

At this new facility, OMSA has everything needed in its range of production and machining equipment to carry out full completion work of large diameter casing connectors and conductor pipes. OMSA is also positioning to add new product lines to meet our customers’ requirements and to work towards producing more “Made in KSA Products”, contributing to the country’s long-term development. 

This facility is accredited with API Q1, 5CT, 5L and 7-1.

Saudi Arabia

  • 2008 Since
  • 86,400 Sqm Total Land Area
  • Threading (API and Repair)
  • Welding
  • Machining
  • NDE
  • Coating
  • Inspection Services
  • Repair & Remanufacturing
  • Others