Since 2018, OMS has been providing cladding and cladding-related support to major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)based on their onshore and offshore applications.

We provide overlay (In 625) cladding service by using an automated hot wire GTAW-P process, on top of a wide range of procedures that include controlled iron dilution to the base metal and preventing corrosion in hydrogen sulphide atmosphere.

With these, we pride ourselves on our capabilities to clad on low alloy steels such as AISI 4130, AISI 8630 and ASTM A182 F22 with compliance to service and industry standards as well as client requirements. We also hold strong capabilities to clad blocks, manifolds, valve bodies and bonnets, drilling adapters, risers, Christmas trees, hangers as well as wellhead housings.

As a trusted cladding service provider, we thrive on our legion of trained and experienced clad weld operators, whose competencies are recorded and verified based on OMS work instructions, standard codes and client requirements.