Since 1976, OMS has been providing welding services and welding-related support to major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) based on their onshore and offshore applications.

We use manual and semi-automatic welding processes such as GTAW(TIG), GMAW(MIG/MAG), SMAW(MMA), SAW and FCAW to perform our duty as required.

Having been an expert in the industry for years, OMS now holds a wide range of weld procedures that allows us to undertake many critical tasks such as Wellhead Housing Fabrication, High-Pressure Riser Fabrication, Conductor Housing Fabrication, Connector to Pipe Fabrication, and more.

With these, we pride ourselves on our capability to weld low alloy steels, carbon steels and API Line pipes with compliance of the ASME Section IX, API 6A, NACE MR 0175 and client requirements.

OMS Fabrication Team has both trained and experienced welders, welding operators and fitters, whose practical and theoretical competencies are verified and recorded based on our work instructions, standard codes as well as client requirements.


Since 2018, OMS has been providing cladding and cladding-related support to major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)based on their onshore and offshore applications.

We provide overlay (In 625) cladding service by using an automated hot wire GTAW-P process, on top of a wide range of procedures that include controlled iron dilution to the base metal and preventing corrosion in hydrogen sulphide atmosphere.

With these, we pride ourselves on our capabilities to clad on low alloy steels such as AISI 4130, AISI 8630 and ASTM A182 F22 with compliance to service and industry standards as well as client requirements. We also hold strong capabilities to clad blocks, manifolds, valve bodies and bonnets, drilling adapters, risers, Christmas trees, hangers as well as wellhead housings.

As a trusted cladding service provider, we thrive on our legion of trained and experienced clad weld operators, whose competencies are recorded and verified based on OMS work instructions, standard codes and client requirements.


We provide turnkey machining services that include milling, boring and turning to major oil and gas equipment manufacturers.

As a trusted machining service provider, OMS prides on a well-equipped facility that houses small, medium and large CNC Lathe Machines, CNC Vertical Turning, CNC Horizontal Milling and Boring Machines.

Under their hood, our milling and boring machines are comprised of contouring heads and seat pocket bars and a wide range of work holding fixtures and accessories.Our turning machines are likewise equipped with 3 and 4 jaw chucks as well as various fixtures for offset turning. These are pieces of equipment that make our quality machining services possible.

Apart from our core machining solutions, we also provide machining services for tree caps, plugs, bonnets, gate valves, hangers, well-head housings as well as conductor housings.


OMS provides Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services such as penetrant testing (visual & fluorescent), magnetic particle testing (visual & fluorescent) and ultrasonic testing for OMS manufactured products.

With proper training and rigorous qualification measures, our NDT Technicians are able to carry out NDT services that comply with SNT TC 1A standard.

As a trusted NDT service provider, OMS prides itself on a range of capabilities that include:

  • Performing fluorescent and visible MPI coil method for manufactured components based on product specification levels or client requirements
  • Performing MPI Yoke method for welded components
  • Performing fluorescent and visible penetrant testing for non-ferromagnetic components by using solvent cleaning and water washable method

Apart from our core NDT solutions, we also provide ultrasonic testing services for raw materials, manufactured components and welded components. OMS has a range of UT calibration blocks based on material type and product applications that make it possible for us to meet the required equipment calibration.

Pressure Testing

OMS is capable of performing high-pressure testing for up to 25,000 psi for hydrostatic test and 15,000 psi for a gas test. OMS pressure testing is fully equipped with calibrated manual and digital chart records, making our solutions dependable. Our certified high-pressure test bunkers are also conducted with CCTV for remote test monitoring.


OMS has been providing the Manganese & Zinc Phosphate Coating Service to major original equipment Manufacturers since the 1990s.

The coating systems used by OMS are either zinc or manganese phosphate type coatings which are used to provide lubricity and to prevent or retard the spread of surface corrosion on semi-finished or finished parts and assemblies.

OMS has wide range of immersion tanks in order to perform coating for different size of the product.