Inspection Services

OCTG Drill Pipe

As drill pipes are subjected to cyclical stresses during drilling operations and production, having a thorough inspection and proper maintenance are vital in ensuring that they are functionally fit-for-service at all times and that they provide a longer pipe life-cycle.

At OMS, we provide a comprehensive list of inspection services following API, ASNT, NS-2 and TH Hill DS-1. More importantly, we provide a full range of drill string services namely Drill Pipes, Heavy Wall Drill Pipes (HWDP) and Drill Collars which includes:

  • Interior/Exterior Cleaning
  • Visual (Body & Thread) Inspection
  • OD Gage
  • Black Light Connection
  • Heat Checking
  • UT Wall Thickness
  • Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI)
  • MPI and UT Slip/Upset


Casing & Tubing Inspection Services

Engage a full spectrum of inspection and maintenance services for casing and tubing per API, ISO and ASTM standards.

OMS inspects up to Range 3 pipes and tubing dimensions as low as 2.3/8” and all casing dimensions up to more than 24”. We provide an extensive range of services such as Cleaning, Inspection and NDT to all casings and tubing. Other services include:

  • ID/OD Cleaning – both mechanical & water blasting
  • Visual Inspection – thread, body, full-length drift & tally
  • NDT – UT wall thickness, full-body MPI, EMI, hardness testing, end area inspection
  • ID/OD anti-rust coating

Hardbanding Services

OMS provides hardbanding services which offer maximum protection on the tool joint of the drill pipes.

Some of the benefits of our hardbanding services:

  • Non-Cracking
  • Casing-friendly
  • High wear resistance
  • Tool joint protection


Types of hardbanding services we provide (not limited to):

  • ARNCO 100XT
  • ARNCO 300XT
  • ARNCO 350XT
  • PostleDuraband

Repair & Remanufacturing

OMS also provides repair and remanufacture services that fulfil API specification and customer requirements. Our services provide an assessment of old equipment and a full inspection report with photographic pieces of evidence and engineering disposition. We offer repair and remanufacture services that cater to:

  • Ring groove repairs
  • Dimensional inspections on critical areas
  • Sealing area repairs
  • Weld joint inspection and repairs
  • NDT examinations (LPI / MPI)
  • Pressure tests
  • Function tests
  • Certificates of Conformance