Discover vibrant career paths and employment opportunities at OMS

OMS has built a long-standing commitment to the upstream energy industry as we manufacture and distribute product from facilities and business units around the world.

We are an equal opportunity employer and process all employment applications following the relevant regulations in the countries we operate in. OMS respects and abides by the prevalent localisation and work visas requirements in these countries.

Current opportunities and career planning are provided through a regional network within the business streams.

In addition, you may no longer have to wait for a job advertisement to submit your CV as we welcome your submissions at any time of the year.

We also welcome applications for internships in our various functions from undergraduates and also for our graduate trainees’ programme which we run from time to time. The graduate trainees programme is an intensive programme in which OMS will run for specific targeted areas of functional development according to its business plan. A graduate who completes this programme can expect a leadership track in the company subsequently.

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Be Wary of Fictitious Job Offers

We understand that inaccurate pieces of information about various employment opportunities have been circulating online. While some of these could be simple internet spam, some may be potentially fraudulent.

As such, if you are requesting an employment opportunity within the OMS organisation, you will have to submit a resume or CV to You will be contacted directly by our HR Department once your application meets our hiring needs and requirements.

We are committed to treat all CV submissions in the strictest confidence but will exercise our rights to delete the information after a specific period according to our internal rules.

Any other e-mail, letter or unsolicited job offer should be treated with caution and considered spam.As we uphold the standards of an excellent organisation, we welcome and encourage all applications for future employment.

This page shall serve as your guide on OMS’ employment process.