API6A Milestone in Bogor (Indonesia) and Johor (Malaysia)
23 May 2022

API6A Milestone in Bogor (Indonesia) and Johor (Malaysia)

OMS Oilfield Services has once again move forward as an API certified operation and completed another milestone on its API6A journey.  

Our operation facilities in Johor and Bogor have met the API6A Monogramming for Wellhead and Tree Equipment requirements. The API6A licenses currently include the following:

  • Bogor (Indonesia) : Bling and Test Flanges at PSL 1
  • Johor (Malaysia) : Casing Heads, Tubing Heads, Slip-Type Hangers, Mandrel-Type Hangers at PSL 1, PSL 2 and PSL 3


Apart from our Duri and Balikpapan plants in Indonesia being certified 6A facility, our Bogor plant now completes the API 6A certification for OMS Indonesia. It is now in a better position to offer value-added support to our customers across the Indonesia market in a timelier manner.   

Our Johor facility is our 1st plant in Malaysia to be API-accredited with a 6A monogram.  This is in addition to our API6A licenses in Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Our OMS Johor facility is able to carry out activities like manufacturing and servicing of wellhead and Christmas tree equipment.   

With this API6A milestone achieved in Indonesia and Malaysia, OMS Oilfield Services is now better positioned as a leading manufacturer and solution provider to our customers and continues to underscore our commitment to be an integrated oilfield services organization (products & services) delivering value to our customers.

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OMS Oilfield Services provides an integrated and extensive range of manufacturing, welding, fabrication, and repair services to support Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTC), Wellhead & Xmas Trees, and other Tubular Equipment.