OMS Response to COVID-19
04 May 2020

OMS Response to COVID-19

The health and safety of our people has always been the primary concern of OMS Oilfield Services. During these uncertain times, OMS has taken the approach of continuing operations with a safety mindset, through personal commitment, driven by strong organizational leadership, and in accordance with the local Covid-19 regulations of the operation’s locations. Everyone has a role to play, and a responsibility to mitigate the Covid-19 global pandemic situation.

On an organization’s front, OMS has

  • activated the Emergency Response Team (Covid-19 ERT) to monitor and respond to the covid-19 situation, following the guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), Singapore, Ministry of Health and the respective local government regulations and containment measures.
  • implemented global travel restrictions until further notice. Any domestic travel is restricted to business critical only, requiring assessment and approval from executive leadership.
  • implemented social distancing at all workplaces. All working and common spaces from the meeting rooms to the offices to the workstations to the production/shop floor have a minimum 1 metre of safe distancing marking.  Where it’s practical to do so, employees are to use web-conferencing/phone calls for meetings.
  • implemented temperature-taking for all visitors and OMS employees (at least twice in a day). Ensuring that all visitors/employees make health and travel declaration, complete the SafeEntry check-in and check-out procedures (to support contract tracing in Singapore) and wear a mask;
  • implemented telecommuting / remote working at the applicable OMS locations, where it’s practical to do and under the location’s governing regulations/advisories on covid-19.
  • implemented staggered reporting and quitting times to enhance the safe distancing between employees. This includes the alternate work week/days arrangements where necessary.
  • implemented sanitation and cleaning of workplace premises and machines at shorter intervals to decrease the possibilities of virus/bacterial infections through common touch points.
  • made available sanitizers at many more strategic areas in the premises for employees to use (in a responsible manner).
  • been providing information updates on a regular basis to employees on (1) covid-19 travel restrictions relating to our operating locations, and (2) advisories/facts about covid-19 from official government sources. 


All OMS employees are to:

  1. Be pro-active, socially responsible and practice open communication in informing management immediately if they or their immediate family members have come into direct contact with Covid-19 clusters or patient(s) even if you are not sick. This is also being a person of integrity.
  2. Be accountable and ensure that all safety measures implemented by the company are strictly observed.
  3. Take ownership and avoid coming to work if they are not well. Follow the company’s/authorities’ instructions accordingly.
  4. Seek medical attention if they are not well and follow doctor’s advice strictly.


To continue to safeguard the health and safety of all employees, a standard operating procedure in response to covid-19 will be implemented at all OMS locations.

Due to varying covid-19 responses/measures by the government at the different OMS locations, please contact your OMS representatives for more information on our operations.