Compliance Month 2018
30 Sep 2018

Compliance Month 2018

August 2018 was designated as Compliance Month for FY2018. Part of OMS Compliance Policy states the following

Compliance is one of the critical enabling pillars in making OMS as a “Reliable Partner” of our customers, suppliers, vendors, contractors and others in the business community. To succeed in a complex and competitive global environment we depend on our employees and the way we conduct our business. We must earn the trust of the people that we serve and this can only be achieved through personal commitment driven by strong organizational leadership. Only by adhering strictly to this at all times we can maintain our pride in working for OMS.


We must always conduct every business transaction above board with integrity and in full compliance with the laws of the host country regardless of where we are and what we do. Anchored on this, the different locations set out to devise sessions around presentation/videos/case studies and activities such as quizzes, games and stories-telling meant to be informative and engaging to all employees.

It was a time to “re-ignite and re-affirm our commitment by everyone, at every level of our organization that ethical and professional behavior must never be taken for granted”, as mentioned by Mr How Meng Hock, President & CEO in his closing speech.