Specialty Connectors & Pipes

OMS is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of SCP products since 1976. We have a suite of CAL-1 tested threaded and weight set connections.

OMS connections come in 6 standard threaded models and one weight set type. The JV family of threaded connections give a choice of models suitable for land drilling to high fatigue, deep-water applications.

With a range of options between starts and turns, flush designs as well as a light weight and low-cost model, our connector model is suitable for all applications, making them usable even when being driven, jetted or drilled with casing. Our connectors can also be configured to meet specific customer requirements, such as coping with drift restrictions.

OMS can supply the full-length complete R3 joint or supply bare and loose connections depending on customer preference. We also repair customer-owned materials that have become damaged or where the connection needs to be replaced.