Our HSSE Journey

Health, Safety, Security & Environment (“HSSE”) is one of the critical enabling pillars developing OMS as a “Reliable Partner” of our customers and employees. At OMS we build our products and provide services with a built-in Quality and Safety mind set; we make this possible through personal commitment driven by strong organizational leadership.

We will continually enhance our safety performance in every facet of our business so that we not only meet the industry standards but surpass them.

For every incident that occurs, we will conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that the risk in doing a job is eliminated or reduced as low as reasonably practicable. We don’t engage in a culture of blame; we don’t just look out for ourselves only; we care for our co-workers too. We want to keep the company safe; we want to keep everyone safe.

Safety is a concerted effort; we are all collectively responsible for safety. The “Sustainable HSSE Excellence” is a journey that we must embark moving “Beyond Zero Harm”. It is not merely complying with systems and procedures; it is total commitment of all employees – from rank and file all the way to the main leadership.

Let us work together so that each and every one that works for OMS as well as those working at OMS are always safe.