Compliance is one of the critical enabling pillars in making OMS as a “Reliable Partner” of our customers, suppliers, vendors, contractors and others in the business community. To succeed in a complex and competitive global environment we depend on our employees and the way we conduct our business. We must earn the trust of the people that we serve and this can only be achieved through personal commitment driven by strong organizational leadership. Only by adhering strictly to this at all times we can maintain our pride in working for OMS.

We shall not fail our customers and those who do business with us or intending to do business with us. Our integrity, values and ethics in striving to provide them the highest quality product and services must always prevail throughout the organization.

We operate in the global environment under different laws and regulations in different countries. There are challenges in a varied and complex world; regardless, we must always conduct every business transaction above board with integrity and in full compliance with the laws of the host country.

As President and CEO of OMS, my team and I fully endorse support of this policy and would ask all employees to take personal responsibility to conduct our business legitimately, honestly and openly so that others can follow through every transaction without inner reservations.

How Meng Hock
President & CEO
1st April 2015