Our HSSE Journey

Health, Safety, Security & Environment (“HSSE”) is one of the critical enabling pillars developing OMS as a reliable partner of our customers and employees. At OMS, we build our products and provide services with a built-in quality and safety mindset, made possible through personal commitment driven by strong organisational leadership.

We continually enhance our safety performance in every facet of our business to meet and exceed industry standards.

For every incident that occurs, we conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that we minimise or even eliminate risks as reasonably practicable. We don’t engage in a culture of blame and selfishly look out for ourselves. We care for our co-workers in our desire to keep the company as well as everyone else safe.

Safety is a concerted effort; we are all collectively responsible for safety. The “Sustainable HSSE Excellence” is a journey that we must embark moving “Beyond Zero Harm”. It is not merely complying with systems and procedures; it is the total commitment of all employees – from rank and file all the way to the main leadership.

Let us work together so that each and everyone that works for OMS, as well as those working at OMS, are always safe.

Our HSSE Policy

OMS is committed on our journey to Sustainable HSSE Excellence as we continuously seek opportunities to improve and build on our HSSE culture and systems which aim to protect all employees, stakeholders and properties as well as preserve the environment.

To implement this policy OMS will:

  • Ensure that occupational health, safety, security and environmental interests of our employees, clients and the public have priority over other business objectives.
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations while aspiring to achieve or exceed the best industrial standards.
  • Implement and maintain a systematic approach to HSSE management according to recognized standards.
  • Identify HSSE risks and ensure that appropriate measures are in place to protect and preserve the environment, and to provide a safe and conducive workplace with a commitment to the prevention of injury and ill-health.
  • Set and review regularly HSSE objectives and targets with a goal for continuous performance improvement. Foster an inclusive culture that empowers and recognizes everyone who actively engages in HSSE activities and programs.
  • Openly recognize and communicate our HSSE performance with our employees and interested parties.

As President & CEO of OMS, my team and I fully endorse the support of this policy and give our fullest commitment to make available resources and time to ensure that OMS achieve our goal of “Beyond Zero Harm”.

How Meng Hock
President & CEO
1st April 2015